Global Water Solutions DEPURPACK SL Storage, treatment, depuration and reuse of wastewater

Involved to sustainable construction

Involved to sustainable construction - Global Water Solutions DEPURPACK SL

Improving water management and use should be one of our priorities. From DEPURPACK S.L. We put at your disposal a professional team that will advise you and help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Our systems and equipment comply with current environmental legislation and are designed to offer you the best relationship quality/price ratio with maximum performance guarantees.

Biological equipment, respectful with the environment, easy to install and maintain to help you optimize one of the most precious resources: the water.

With our solutions we contribute to the saving of water consumption (wastewater reuse systems), we take advantage of natural resources (rainwater) to reuse them in the home (washing machines, irrigation ...), we avoid contamination of the subsoil (sewage treatment plants housing without connection to municipal collectors) and we offer equipment that meets the most stringent regulations in terms of waste (sensitive area, public channel ...).

In the division of BRICOTOOLSPACK you will find a presentation of the wide range of equipment and tools of Industrial Supply that we offer, with first line brands focused on professionals and an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

 - Global Water Solutions DEPURPACK SL

 - Global Water Solutions DEPURPACK SL

 - Global Water Solutions DEPURPACK SL